interferance with T.V antanna and T.V channals

Problem I am having is that my SM is on a T.V tower near the antenna and the customer is having problems getting a one of his tv channels in. We are in southwestern Ontario Canada and the channel is Detroit channel 4. What could the interference be and how can I fix it without moving the SM cause I need the height. Is it a frequency problem.

It wouldn’t be a frequency problem because TV transmits on a UHF frequency, the Canopy doesn’t.

most of the interferance i have found excluding the 900 stuff and VHF has come from the ethernet side. Use shielded outdoor cat5 with shielded connectors installed properly so the shield is grounded a Good grounding on the surge supressor and see if this helps. Also route the cat5 down a diffarent leg of the tower than the TV if you can.

Turn off the Canopy and check the spectrum.

While its off, I guess you could have the customer check the TV station (to convince the guy its not you)

Because canopy uses PoE (power over ethernet), it is possible that the cable can emit interference. We had one case where it was interfering with 2 way radio, all we had to do was seperate the cables so they arnt right next to each other.

Sometimes help switch the ethernet speed to 10Mbit.