Interference/channel selection issues

We are trying to finish up CBRS migration for all of our APs, and we’ve run into several where the channels we select show as available, everything registers and is granted, but then the SMs just don’t stay connected, even with good signals. It seems like intereference from somewhere. Unfortunately changing the frequency seems to be a tedious process since they always seem to want to wait for IAP and then CPAS to complete. Is there a way to see what grants have been allocated in your geographic area so we can plan for possible interference, and is there a method for reporting something operating in these frequencies without a grant?

The answer to this really depends on where you are, and what is going on around you… most of the SAS providers do have some kind of spectrum inquiry tools, and are making these tools available to our users. This will give you a snapshot of what should be available in your area, and may help direct your requests.

However, the SAS will not see anything that is legacy Part 90 or “rogue” equipment… that is, if the radios causing interference are not operating under Part 96, the SAS will not know about them, and cannot account for them. It may be tough to isolate where the interference is coming from, or who is causing it.

So if we are using a SAS through cnMaestro/Cambium, we should have been provided with a login or some other method of accessing the SAS’s tools? I will have to check through the emails received when we initially chose our SAS and see if that information can be located.