Interference for a new ISP

Ok this is my first post so cut me a little slack. I have another wireless ISP coming into my area with canopy. We have been running canopy since 2002. We are using all 6 frequencies but some more than others. We have tried coordinated with them as we run our equipment 50/50 and they run theirs 75/25. They claim the frequency they chosen for their BH are the best for them, however they coordinate to 2 of the 3 frequency on my main tower which is within a mile of their site. We use 5.7Ghz to the customer mainly and they use it as BH with 900Mhz to the customer. I have recommended they use other frequencies which we have point to point BH links on as I believe the narrow beam would reduce interference with each other. They said the tried the suggested frequency but they didn’t work and remained on they ones matching our tower. Their BH’s shoot very close to our tower. We have stabilized our network but throughput has taken a hit.
It took a week to get the first response as they do business from a PO Box, their websites listed support email address did not existing and person we need to talk to was never in the office. We finally actually caught them at the tower they had put up. We are going to match their % as they will not make any changes to theirs or alter their frequency. I am trying to make decision which will give our customer the stable service they deserve, however it frustrated me that I am expending time, effort and resources in resolving these interference issue which we both have to be experiencing. Personally from my interaction with the other company I can’t help but think this is internal. What recourse option are there out there?

About all you can do is
A. Match their DL %, Control Slots, etc
B. Switch to 2.4
C. Throw up some 5.8 OFDM and point it at there BH links…just kidding on that one.

A. we will be doing
B. sadly they have a full 2.4 cluster with a full 900 Mhz cluster at the site.
C. :slight_smile:

-we currently aren’t in the 2.4 but i think i might get a BH or two in it soon. at least i will be able to spread the load around.

In the mean time for your BHs is it possible to change polarization? (ie from Vertical to Horizontal)

Hmm changing the BH might give me more room to change frequency on the tower. Wish i could make them go horizontal. might give them that suggestions. we will see, i don’t expect much.

Not sure on what kind of budget you are looking at, but I can highly recommend 24GHz Dragonwave Horizon Compact units for backhauls. They cost around $12000 CAD for a link (Including installation kit & antenna), but they are worth every penny!

well we look at BH i was trying to get them to go Licence about the same price for starter i could get 100Mbps 6G or 11G for about 18-20K with insurance and replacement plan. it only about 14-15K with out replacement insurance. I am pushing to get this done at one location but we have 3 relay tower with only 35 or so customer per site. It hard to make the number work with so few customer. we have about 400 customer in total.

rather than spend that much money on a 100G licensed link for that few customes (trust me we have 4 6ghz links and 2 11ghz links in our ring) why not go for some 3.65ghz PTP links?

I will check that out. We are having some luck with a 2.4 ubiquiti. I hope to be off it in a year or two as i dont expect it to handle interference that well but we are currently getting a 20Mbps download speed across it. It seem stable at -55 dbm and the total link cost only $350. at that price i will be happy with a few month of stable service till i can come up with a final solution but if it hold we may be on it a while with a backup plan on the shelf.

You have A LOT of choices that can be deployed as permanent BH’s. You should be able to find an acceptable solution for under 3k.

2.4 H/V
5.2 H/V
5.4 H/V
5.8 H