Interference from other Canopy Links

We have a point to multipoint link. It has one AP Cluster with CMM and around 20 SMs at remote sites.

The problem is that, one Point to Point link of Canopy, having BH with RD on both the end, crosses over the AP Cluster. And because of that we are facing severe interference problem in that.

Previously, the Point to Multipoint Links were working perfectly without any problems. Now, since this point to point BH link is installed, we are facing problems.

What might be the solution to this? We are already using 3 non-overlapping channels on the AP Cluster, i.e., 2415, 2435 and 2457.5.
And the frequency used on BH Link is 2430.

The best solution would be to use a different frequency band for the BH link, but maybe you can make it work.

Is one end of the BH link mounted on the same tower as the AP cluster? If not, how far is each end of the BH link from the AP cluster? How close is either end of the BH link from any of the SMs? What frequency on the AP cluster is used in the same direction as the BH link?

If the AP cluster is in the path of the BH link, but AP and BH are not co-located, set the BH frequency 25 MHz away from the AP frequency transmitting in the same direction.

I also have the same problem but it have locate the AP on the same pole with SM, Could we adjust the BH to separate frequency channel with BH for 20 Mhz.

Please check if u can provide GPC sync by installing one SM at this BH customer.This would sync their transmission.

you either need to change bands on the bh or have 100 ft vertical seperation between ap’s and bh.

Have anyone tried some sort of Faraday’s cage to avoid the interference?

jvvelas wrote:
Have anyone tried some sort of Faraday's cage to avoid the interference?

Sorry for the hijack...

It may sound strange, but we are having an interference issue with a BDA
used for one of our SMR systems. The manufacturer of the BDA told us to
use a 55-gallon drum around the 900MHz yagi uplink antennas to avoid
interference from downlink antenna.

Same principle? :?: