Interference using 5.7 BH

I used 5.7 BH with reflector in both side. First, everything can registered normal and i can get good ping times avg < 5ms. But after 6 month i have problem with interference. I can’t get one frequency that have stable connection. I try from 5735 - 5840 there’s no one frequency that i can used. i have used spectrum analyser so it can’t work too.
Is there anything i can do to protect my radio from interference effect?
What can i do to get cleanly frequency to get good connection?
Thanks :frowning: :frowning:

Have you used the Spectrum Analyzer from both ends? You’ll have to put the Master into Slave mode temporarily to have the access to the Spectrum Analyzer.

Are you sure it’s interference? One or both of the units could have become misaligned. Look at the Power Level indicated at each end.

I’ve had a few links that would not modulate at 20 MHz that worked great at 10 MHz.

I hope that in a future release the radios will auto-negotiate unless forced to lower speed (currently need a tech at both ends when moving to 2x modulation) like the Advantage units.


Would your units register with each other when set to 20 Mbps?

Can you provide more details of the problems you had when they were set to 20, and what improvements you saw when they were later set to 10?

Yes, i 've used spectrum analyser in both end, the interference caused by another canopy (5.7 BH), Now i used 5785 (timing mode: master) and they used 5810 in the same direction. It made my radio connection down :frowning:
We need suggestion from this problem…
Thanks before…

In the end I switched to 2.4 GHz, but the 5.7 GHz slave would not register when set to modulate for the 20 MB. Set it back to 10MB and the link was stable (the RSSI level was always a bit low).