I am havin trouble with 5.7ghz canopy, between links it takes close to an hour to transfer a 100MB file when it should take about 20 minutes, I am thinking that it could be intereference because where the canopy is located there are other antennas, did anyone ever had this problem? I thinking about putting a band pass filter on the canopy but can’t find one for the 5.7GHz has any one used one on the 5.7 canopy before?

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Even at only 1mbps throughput, the 100MB file should only take 13 minutes; at 3mbps, less than 5 minutes. Is the 20-minute transfer you’re expecting the time it takes when transferring between PCs on the same LAN? Is your 1-hour transfer between BH master and BH slave, AP and SM, SM and SM on the same AP, or a combination of Canopy and other links? If an AP is involved, how many SMs are Registered?

How is the Downlink Data set on the APs and BH masters involved? If your test is between SMs, and the AP’s Downlink Data is set to 75% (the factory default), your inter-SM transfer rate will be limited to 25% of the aggregate link rate, ~1.5mbps out of ~6mbps.

Interference is certainly a possibility; here are some suggestions:

1. Run your test, and the following tests, at different times of the day and night.

2. Check the received Power Level at both ends of a link and run the Link Test under the Expanded Stats on SMs and BH slaves. Also, run this test in different weather conditions. The Link Test will disrupt the link for the Duration of the test.

3. Do a Spectrum Analysis from all Canopy units: SMs, APs, BH masters and slaves. You’ll have to switch the APs to SM-mode, and BH masters to slave-mode, to run the Spectrum Analyzer. A thorough Spectrum Analysis will severely disrupt the operation of your Canopy network.

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Ever dance with the devil in the pail moonlight?

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