intermitant EPMP AP access

Hi all, long time listener first time caller.

I have planned and installed a small PTP link using force PTP 110 at each end over a 6 mile link, at the slave end using a  EPMP AP using 90 degree sector.

I have approx  -55dbm at each end of the PTP link and stats show running MCS 15 down to MCS 13 on a 50/50 DL/UP on a 20MHz channel. PTP currenly running 70-80Mbs in both directions

PTP link appears to be soild but the EPMP AP on the end of the PTP slave is intermittant to access via the web brower and CMD ping. When I intially power up and ping for the first hour all is ok but after that then can not be accessed. 

I have struck this in the lab, power down AP and all ok again. I Powered this setup today on site and all was fine on intial power up, 2 hours later could not access. 4 hours later can get to the AP no problem.

This is co-existing with 2 PMP-100 AP's, I have made sure the RF channels and physical distsances are well seperated on the site.

Seems to me a IP/config related issue. Confusing that I can access the AP at intial power up and first hour or so then after a couple of hours goes dead then comes back up after a few hours...

I have checked the legacy PMP 100 links to customers and can not see the signs of any RF interfernce, noise floor , again stikes me  to be config.

Any Help would be greatly appreicated.



Hi Alistair,

It sounds like you are doing FSK Co-location with the ePMP AP.  Is this correct?

It sounds like your PTP link is TDD 50/50 with the Slave at the same site as the ePMP AP.  Is this correct?

What channels are the FSK, ePMP AP, and ePMP TDD PTP link working on?