Intermittent AIS on Canopy BH Link

We have 5.7 Ghz BH link at 7 miles apart. We are using this to transport a T1 (24 DS0) from the MSC to the Cellsite.

We have a RAD IP-MUX to convert the T1 to ethernet in the BH master and another RAD IP-MUX in the BH slave to convert from ethernet to T1.

We connected a T-berd in the T1 output in the Slave site and measured the
T1 quality for 24 hours.

We are getting intermittent AIS indication in the T-berd, after between 2 hours to 12 hours time period.

If we connect the RAD IP-MUX back to back without the BH units, no AIS.

Do you have a setting in the Canopy that would eliminate this AIS ??