Intermittent connectivity problems

Hello All,

I have a multiple point to point hops connecting serveral locations using backhauls, all but one are 5.7 the other 2.4. We have been running good for a little over a year. Typically can ping the last radio on the segment at about 10ms. For the last week the traffic has slowed drammatically. ping up as high as 3000ms and in some instances completely diconnect. All radios are running 7.1.4. It seems that if I reboot all of the radios it clears up for about a day and then comes back. I have not switched any freq’s yet but I suspect that there may be a new player in the area. I also think it could be the GPS synch possibly having problems. Because of the success of our network being up all the time, I really haven’t had to troubleshoot any issues so I am in some new territory. Is there any way to log or check the logs for GPS synch errors? One other note, recently added NTP server for time I am going to remove it but was just curios if that could be having any effect as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

As for the GPS sync errors, the first place that comes to mind is the Event Log in every BH. Scroll down to the bottom as that is where you will find the most recent activity.