Internal Error, we are out of file space?!

This is a new one for us and a little comical because the AP seems to be confused about its situation and that there are multiple personalities.

Couple calls came in and we found the AP GUI was unresponsive but pingable and it responded to a cnmastro reboot.

Seems fine since the reboot.

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@RCW-Andrew, thanks for posting.

I actually was just working on this right as you posted as we found it in 21.1 testing. CBRS has a small memory leak when saving the configuration file. Would you be so kind to send me your engineering.cgi so I can verify it is the same memory leak that I have fixed? The fix will be available in the next beta, 21.1 BETA-2.

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Is this same memory leak in earlier CBRS releases? specifically ?


Yes, unfortunately this memory leak was present in as well. It actually goes all the way back to 16.X releases. This has been fixed in 21.1 BETA-2:
And mentioned in the release notes:

CPY-17920 - “calloc1 failed: out of heap” and “Internal error” due to memory leak with CBRS when changing config or exporting configuration