Internal Guest User Account on cnPilot E400, E500 and ePMP 1000 Hotspot Devices

Description: If captive portal service is hosted on the AP, guest users can be authenticated from the AP local data base. One user account can be added to the data base, and this provides a simple and flexible option to have authenticated access without the need for any external RADIUS/LDAP server.

Say you are installing a few access points in a small hotel or a restaurant and want all users to be able to connect and view a splash page, but restrict access to those who have a username/password the cnPilot AP provides everything you need to support this feature, no additional hardware or software needed.

Customers can have the username/password either written up on a display board in the lobby/counter, or included on a small printout with other information about the property., or printed out on the receipt issued to a customer if this service is only provided to those who purchase service.

The splash page provides a good option to include an advertisement about the property or some service the property provides, or a new item on the menu if it is a restaurant or a bar.

Supported AP Image Version: From 3.1-r20 onwards,

Configuration: User can be added from WLAN Guest Access configuration context

This is also configurbale via cnMaestro under WLAN guest access settings: