Internal vs. External Antenna Options

Hi all,

I’ve been researching backhaul options and i’m very curious as to your experiences with integrated/external antenna products. So far I’ve seen some systems like the Canopy and TrangoLink and am just wondering about the reliability with the integrated device. I understand that it would cost more to do the external antenna option, but I’m looking for a product that will stand up for years and be okay in the heat and rain. I’m in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley and it’s not the desert, but temps can be in the 105-110 range.

All of our links are line to site and the farthest we are going is probably just shy of 3 miles.

Thanks for any input.


Since our hops range from 1 mile to 30 miles we standardized on external antenna TrangoLinks so that we only need to have one backup on hand at any time.

We run a muni WiFi network with a number of Atlas integrated radios and so far they have proven quite stable ranging from 25 to 110 degrees.

If your links will only be 3 miles integrated radios might make sense from an ease of deployment and serviceability standpoint.