Internet connection behind SM

Is it possible to place my Internet connection behind an SM and backhaul it to the AP and redistribute from the same AP?

Looking for an ultra simple setup without using additional radios for backhaul.

I know this is obviously not the ideal setup but will it work?

Seems like I remember something about not being about to have the headend sitting behind an SM.


<<-------Scratching my head…

Can you be a little bit more specific??? I think you are saying you want to acquire your service from an SM and then BH to another AP and distribute from there??? Did I get that right???

You want to feed an AP / AP cluster with an SM? It will work. But when your load gets higher, in terms of packets per second and total bandwidth utilization, you will want to look at dedicated links.

toes is right.

SM will get you started. When the network starts to get sluggish under load then you will need to upgrade to BH’s

So this will work:

Internet Connection --> SM --> AP —> Customer SM’s

Internet connection SM and Customer SM’s connect to the same AP.

Normally I would setup this way:

Internet connection --> AP --> SM —>AP–> Customer SM’s

If you are providing service from the point where you have your Internet connection then you would want an AP there.

Keep in mind that the AP/SM relationship is just a bridge like a PTP Backhaul. The SM is just limited in it’s max BW and PPS capacity and when you exceed that limit your network will go from working nicely to barely working in very short order.

We had about 80 customers when we ran out of capacity on our SM/AP link.

In my case here is what I have:

Internet connection at office.

Single Access point on tower.

SM at office with Internet connection, SM’s at customer locations.

I really can’t put the AP at the office.

jwcn wrote:

Internet Connection --> SM --> AP ---> Customer SM's

Internet connection SM and Customer SM's connect to the same AP.

Run it like you said.

A few things to consider:

If you are using older equipment like P7, or P8 boards they are not capable of hardware scheduling at the AP.
In software scheduling mode if you set the data down to 50% you will not get 3.5Mbps up & 3.5Mbps Down, you will only get about 1.5Mbps up and 3.5Mbps down. The problem with this situation is the capacity of the system will only be 1.5Mbps down due to the fact that the SM at theinternet connection can only upload at 1.5Mbps.

P9 and newer equipment will run in hardware mode and setting the AP to 50% will give you 3.5Mbps up & 3.5Mbps down with an Advantage AP and non Advantage SM’s

Advantage AP and Advantage SM’s at 50% will do 7Mbps up & 7Mbps down like a BH link. In fact I have been known to use a Advantage AP with reflector & Advantage SM with reflector in place of BH’s because they are cheaper for me to buy that way. Normally I do this for a point to point link to a customer and would also allow me to use high priority, VLAN, and filtering.

900 AP and SM at 50% will only give you around 1.5 to 1.8Mbps up & down.

So now you have the numbers good luck.