Introducing cnHeat IDENTIFY



cnHeat IDENTIFY identifies the buildings in a cnHeat site where RF coverage can be realized at or better than a desired RSSI level. For each building identified, the following information is provided: latitude, longitude and street address.  Address and building information can be used to find new customers via targeted marketing. In addition to the revenue generated from new customers, cnHeat IDENTIFY provides cost savings against blanket marketing by not marketing to customers that cannot be served. 

Street addresses can be provided either directly to the service provider or to an industry leading third-party marketing firm. 

Addresses can be ordered from your distributor.  Pricing is $.25 per address and addresses are ordered in increments of 100.  Part numbers are:

PS-ADSP-US: 100 Addresses, Provided to Service Provider

PS-ADMF-US: 100 Addresses, Provided to Marketing Firm

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