Introducing the new ePMP Force 130

Today we announced the new ePMP Force 130 Subscriber Module which is an 802.11n SM that provides deployment flexibility for those WISP's looking for a low-cost SM to enter markest where ARPU is a challenge.  The Force 130 is compatible with the ePMP 1000, ePMP 2000 and ePMP 3000 AP's.

The Force 130 is available in 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz options.

NOTE:  The Force 130 is NOT available in North America.

Watch a short video here:

Learn more and get the spec sheet here:

And of course if you have questions or comments please post away!

 - Bruce


Such great news.. It really suits our needs in developing countries.. Some customers can't affort the the price of advanced products.

I need to know the average price of it. I couldn't find it anywhere.

Thanks Bruce


I think the list price is $79 - so depending on quanity, it could be less than that.


So basically a force 180 with just 100 meg ethernet port? I dont understand what the big difference is? Beside maybe $10 less in price? If the ethernet port is limited to 100 megs haoqnis having 130 megs of thruput benefit to ince your limited to 100 at the ethernet port you will never see that kind if thruput due to port limitations.

There are a few differences between Force 180 and Force 130.

Force 180 has:

- higher gain integrated antenna :16 dBI vs. 14 dBi

- higher transmit power;  30dBm combined vs. 28 dBm combined

- horizontal antenna alignment which has some benefit in interference mitigation

- Gigabit Ethernet Port vs. 10/100

- available in all regions including N. America region whereas the Force 130 is not available in the U.S. or Canada.

Force 130 is essentially priced lower for links that can support lower link budget in regions / applications where the ARPU (average revenue per user) is the absolute priority.

- Bruce

"Beside maybe $10 less in price?"

Pretty over priced considerign they seem to be the ePMP equivelent of a $43.00 Ubiquiti Loco or maybe the $75.00 NanoStation M# . Shoot even the AC Loco is only $44.00.  We removed all Ubiquiti and replaced it with ePMP because Ubiquiti couldn't handle our 1st world needs/noise.  However given the F130's supposed target is developing areas where bandwidth demands are low and price is the most important factor I have no idea why they would go with this instead of Ubiquiti.