invalid firmware

I attempt to upload either UBNTXW-v3.2.tar.gz or UBNTXW-ubntxw-squashfs-factory.bin onto a Nanostation running 5.6.6 firmware and it just says invalid firmware, what am I doing wrong?

Nanostaions can be both XM and XW type.

Please verify your device type comply with FW you are trying to upload.

Thank you.

You're right, I got the wrong firmware, so does elevate work with XM-based Nanostations? All I got when I purchased this license is XW firmware I guess.

Both XM and XW firmware is available for download here:

I have problem in 2 equipment locom5 xm and xw, where changed first for software cambium elevate but, updating for version 3.2.2, the radios xw and xm do not accept upgrade for newer version, Even by first introducing ubiquiti 5.6.6 firmware ( either xw or xm) Getting in the older version of elevate (date 2015).

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I´m sorry for my english (i am brasilian)


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Hi Jardel,

Are you trying to upgrade Elevate Loco M5 from Release 3.2.2 to 3.3 Beta?

Could you please specify what can of error do you see during upgrade?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Maybe the reason is you're trying to use .bin software? BIN image is only used for the first time, all further upgrades should be done by .tar.gz image.

Fedor:  I am not trying to upgrade to 3.3, but for 3.2.2, 2 devices already connected in the epmp 2000 panel, which have not been updated but are working, I just uploaded the .bin file, but when I upgrade the elevate to 3.2.2 Migration file to cambium (UBNTXM-v3.2.2.tar.gz)

SergeyGolovanov:  I use the .bin file once, then upgrade to version 3.2.2, it does the whole process that will update, it restarts ... but when I go back there in the configuration part, it has not updated, it continues in the version of the date 2015. That is, the equipment is migrated to cambium elevate but does not upgrade to version 3.2.2

Hi Jardel,

If I understood you correctly you have already migrate with your UBNT boards to Elevate firmware, correct?
What FW version is installed now on your boards?
Could you please specify what do you mean under version of the date 2015?

I would like to recommend you to reboot UBNT device before upgrade.
Probably reboot via power feeding may be needed.

Thank you.

how to download cambium velvet software...?

@pawan wrote:

how to download cambium velvet software...?


Please follow the link below:

Thnak you.