IP address filter on SMs

I’d like to see an option for only allowing a specific IP address or range of IP addresses to be accepted on the Ethernet port of the radio (SMs). This is in regards to using a non NAT environment.

As it stands right now, someone could easily change the IP address on their device behind the SM and cause an IP conflict on the wireless network…in most cases.

I’ve seen this option on the Alvarion BreezeAccess products and it works well. If the device behind the radio does not have the IP address specified in Alvarion’s equipment, that device is not permitted to talk on the wireless network. Alvarion allows it’s customers to set a single IP address, a range of IPs and even a subnet.

Yes, we need it too, since some changed ip can flood arp log on my firewall.

I will also support this feature request.


This request would be one of the best options I could imagine for the Canopy equipment. I couldn’t describe all the headaches this would save us.

It will be possible in new versions software?