IP aliasing and Prizm Registration

We have prizm on an internal ip address, and everyone can authenticate and register their canopy radios just fine. However, when I add a real IP address and gateway to perform some system updates or install packages, any canopy systems that try to register during that time can not do so. I can ping the radios, and we can still hop on them, but they refuse to register. As soon as we take down the alias, they immediately synch up. We’re using RH4.5, with Prizm 2.1 and I was curious to see if anyone else had this problem or had any ideas on the situation. If there’s anything more I can provide, please let me know and thanks in advance!

we have a similar problem if we NAT through our firewall. the SMs wont authenticate so we moved the Prizm back behind the firewall and it works just find. My best guess is that it has to do with the Firewall MAC coming to the SM rather thatn the Prizm server.

If anyone knows the solution it would just make me feel all warm and fuzzy to have it