IP assignment

Hi everyone,
I am just curious what everyone does for public IP assignment? Do you just use one public IP from your upstream supplier and all your customers are assigned to it or do you purchase/lease blocks from your upstream supplier? I leased a /26 block from my supplier but they charge so much and I want an alternative.

When you are small you pretty much will need to lease a block from your upstream. Once you have enough subscribers or other infrastructure requirements needing ipv4 assignments, you will probably qualify for a block from your local RIR (ARIN in the US).

We have multiple ipv4 blocks allocated from ARIN but it’s still not enough IPv4 space for our customer base, so we CG-NAT IPv4 traffic for those that don’t need a static IP. We CG-NAT each “tower” site behind a public IPv4 address. IPv6 space is so plentiful that we can just give it away, at least to those that care or know what to do with it.

Applying for IP space from an RIR isn’t hard, you just have to read the rules and follow them.

Thank you! What about IP leasing from a broker approved by ARIN?

Good luck with the ipv4 lease by broker. These tend to be more expensive and difficult to get carried in BGP.

We use carrier grade nat for ipv4 and IPv6 from our upstream.
This has worked well so far but it has its limitations especially for xbox clients whom want to host games to outside our network.