IP Plan

When I find a tool I like and works well, I like to tell people about it.

I highly recommend IP Plan for IP management. http://iptrack.sourceforge.net/

We started using it a few months ago and so far it is flawless. We are able to manage and search multiple public and private IP subnets via the web interface.

We have it installed on the same machine as our CactiEZ installation which runs a stripped version of CentOS 4.

Very very cool.

I looked at this about a year ago, but never got around to installing it…

Thanks for the recommendation, Jerry!

Yes… very cool software. We use it to manage several subnets. You can even configure it to update your DNS servers with records as you assign IP addresses but we haven’t use that feature yet. Also, if you want to build a linux web server but your employees or techs do not really know how to handle linux, there is another cool software called ISPconfig. It also has email administration features but it is stronger on the web side. Fully web managed. You set up accounts and your users can upload their websites to it. And the best part of it is, both IPPlan and ISP config, are free