IP Planing

Hello every1!

First I’d like say thanx to everyone here on forum, cause you helped me lots of time during troubleshooting my Canopy network.

Second, I’d like to explain what kind of service is my Company givin.
We provide wireless network connectivity (WLANs) to firms and companies that have distant locations. It means we are not ISP, but we can provide conectivity to one.

I’m working in this company for a year. And Canopy network is growing from day to day. We have near 600 SubscriberModules and 20 base stations on near 20.000 square km…

Now… problem I’m having is growth of broadcast, cause my base stations are acctualy hubs and switches in best cases CMM or 2layer switches. And IP addressing is like this:
- 10.22.1.x/16 -BH
- 10.21.x.y/16 -AP (where x is Id for a region)
- 10.20.x.y/16 -SM (x is same as with AP)

So my plan is to setup routers on my baze stations so I can lower brodcast, and wondering packages.
My question is: do I need to reorganize IP address to set more subnets… etc

Any help or sugestion is welcome( I hope it’ll help and other in solving or planing their systems) so hit it!!


You have a similar network to us interms of IP addressing scheme…

We have more Subcribers but are alot more densly packed, so area is much lower, we have aournd 15 clusters (base stations)

The address you listed below, are they the RF address or the Public NAT address. (we used to use private address as NAT public but double NAtting used to cause us issues so now we run a public address scheme)

In any case to answer your question, you need to swap out the HUB/switces with a manged switch (CISCO 3500 and above would do it), the 3750 does MPLS which could be a worthwhile investement for the future. Put the switch into the pop, terminate all your AP on the switch, the gateway for all the SM that are looking to those AP’s should now reside on that switch (switch needs to be L3 capabale).

The BH will need to be connecting a different network and then you would use standard routing, you could run RIP which is simple, or for redundancy or if you have back up links you can go with OSPF.

Make sure everything is still in sync.
I have not deployed the above, but I am planning to move to the above.
If you want break the AP into its own network change mask to /24.

Hope the above helps, you will need to adapt it to your specific needs…