Ip routing inter vlan

Hello, i want to do ip routing inter vlan on EX2052-P.
I have a Vlan 10 and Vlan 101, the VLAN 101 is a network to access to a internet.
VLAN 10 : Gateway
VLAN 101 : Gateway to access to a internet
i want to create a ip routing inter vlan for the VLAN 10 → VLAN101 for access internet.

can you help me ?

Where Is NAT? It is necessary

Hi, You need to NAT traffic between your private network and the internet gateway. cnMatrix does not support NAT, but you can connect Cambium NSE 3000 between cnMatrix and your internet gateway to NAT traffic.

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I have my internet on VLAN 101 (is a FAI orange box).
And i whant acces to internet with VLAN 10.
If was i want to make routing inter vlan like a router.
Is possible with a switch layer 3 logicly.
The NAT is not obligatory ?

How do you want to translate addresses from a VLAN without internet so that they receive replies from the router?
Yes nat is necessary, a layer 3 switch will provide routing but on routable IP classes, not non-public ones, which usually require NAT.

The NAT was do by my Internet service provider (my box)

U have NAT for 192.168.x.x…