IP Scheme HELP!

Does anyone have any advice on how to set up the ip scheme so that the customers are not able to see each other’s machines?
Right now I have all customers on a subnet. Most are DHCP address with a few static. The problem is that in this configuration they can all see one another if they happen to look. I’ve been researching and racking my brain and I can’t seem to come up with a scheme that solves this problem.
It has so far not been a huge issue, but we top 100 customers last week and I’m losing sleep.
Thanks in advance for any and all insight….

Have you gone into Advanced Network Options on the SM and disabled SMB?


Are u using nat or not? If nat is disabled, check mark SMB (Network Neighborhood under advance network options to block file shareing or atleast network neighborhood

Lol he beat me to it!

nat is not enabled on the sm’s. So checking SMB will prevent users from seeing each other?

That is correct.

Will this stop any online gaming or remote access into their computer?

It will block the computers from seeing each other as well as windows network neighborhood. It shouldnt block anything to do with gameing unless they are gameing over your network only but that is very rare being an isp