Iperf's on Cambium

I am curious if there could be a possibility to run iperf speed tests to cambium radios. I understand that they have a wireless link test, but when trying to determine speeds that a customer is able to see while they are connecting through the PoE injector occassionaly the CPE will show that they can get 30 Mbps downlink to the radio and 15 Mbps uplink but when bypassing the customer is unable to see the rate that they have set in the account. Wheras with an Iperf you are able to see that the speeds are clearly not getting to the CPE within the first 2 tests.

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it would be great to have access to iPerf.

On our older StarOS gear, their throughput test could be run from any radio board (from any CPE, any AP, any Router) and it tests to the IP address of any other StarOS board.  It tests IP to IP, 

So, on StarOS, we could test from a SM to the AP the client is connected to of course, but we could also test from the SM to the router at the base of the tower and therefore testing the cable up the tower too, or test from the SM all the way back to the shop and therefor testing every hop along the way, or test between the AP and the Backhaul, or between any two StarOS boards anywhere on our network - or even test to any StarOS board anywhere out on the Internet for that matter. 

So, with StarOS - we could use the Throughput Test to help us find all sorts of problems... to help isolate cabling problems, routing problems, switch problems, backhaul capacity problems - even test out to the Internet to help isolate problems on a fiber circuit.

Having access to IPerf would bring the same functionality - we could then test IP to IP between any two ePMP devices, or test from an ePMP device to an iPerf server at the shop.  That would be an awesome help to diagnose and isolate problems when a client reports different performance than the Wireless Link Test would seem to indicate.

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How about just a normal linux shell on the ePMP radios as an option to the Cambium one?  That would certainly get my vote.  Not only to run things like iperf, but simple things like ping with options not available in the proprietary shell.

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The three things I miss about Ubiquiti , nice GUI, usage/throughput graph for each interface (EVEN the PPPoE Interface !), and the ability to run speed tests between any two Ubiquiti devices.  

Customer link appears to not be passing as much data as they are paying for ? Run speed test between customer radio and AP. That good ? Run test between customer radio and the Ubiquiti switch the AP is plugged into (or another AP on the same tower if you didn't use Ubiquiti switches) .  Still good ? Run the test between the customer radio and a Ubiquiti AP on another tower , or a Ubiquiti device back at the NOC or from the customer radio to justa bout any point on your network.

Want to know if the connection betwen your AP and the switch is good ? Even if it's not a Ubiquit switch you just run a speed test between the AP in quesiton and another Ubiquiti AP on the same switch ...  Or between the AP and wherever.  Such a great troubleshooting tool.


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