Iphones and cnMaestro Guest Access Portal

I m testing Guest Access Portal.

Using Android phones  there is no problem.

Using iPhones the connection most times is not "Done".

Should i add anything in White List?

Any other idea?


I found that the newer version of IOS has changed it's internal logic in the captive portal login state machine and requires a page redirection/refresh after login is successful. We will fix this within next twelve hours. If you are running a NOC version of cnMaestro then you will have to apply new hotfix for it.

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The problem remains.

I' using for testing 1 iPhone 5c and 1 iPhone 6 - iOS 10.2 both.

We will update our cloud servers with the fix, and after that you need to resave your splash page again, in order for the new HTML changes to be saved on our cloud storage.

Will update the thread once the cloud build is updated...

Please send me your cambiumID via private message.

We have updated the server with 1.3.0-r8 build with the fix.

Please re-save your portal pages and try again.


Now it's OK.

Thanks Cambium for the support.