IPs not matching

I’ve been trying to upgrade SMs to 10.5 yesterday and today and noticed something strange. The IP address used to reach the web interface doesn’t match what is set in the NAT configuration. In other words I might go to to reach the interface but when I look at the NAT settings the management IP is When I go to the address it takes me to a completely different SM and the NAT settings on that say

It’s not just one or two SMs but virtually all of them that I’ve checked so far. When I log in and check the site information it matches the customer information but the IP doesn’t. I’ve even had a couple of customers unplug their units and then checked to make sure they went down to be sure I was looking at the right ones.

Does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this and how to fix it? All the subscribers are NAT’d behind a public IP address.