IPv6 DHCP problem

I am in the process of rolling out IPv6 to my clients and am encountering a problem with all 300 series SMs. I have a mix of epmp2000 and epmp3000 APs, and a mix of force 200 and 300 radios. Every client on a 300 series SM fails to acquire an IPv6 prefix since the radio seems to be absorbing the DHCP response.

I just upgraded to 4.6.1, so everything is running a current version.

I have tested this in my lab setup as well. If I use a F200 radio, everything works fine, if I use a F300 radio, the DHCP request makes it to the router, but the response is lost. There is no change if I enable ipv6 support or not on the SM.

While trying to diagnose this, I tried to add a v6 prefix manually to the client router and route that block from the core router. Everything worked fine, so it’s not blocking v6 traffic, just the v6 dhcp responses. Oddly, after I did the manual setup, and then reverted it, the dhcp requests were working for a while. I rebooted everything and they went back to failing after the reboot.

Attached is packet sniffer traffic from a good and a bad test.
Left side: core router. right side: client router
Upper half, successful dhcp. Lower half: failed dhcp

You can see in the lower right grid, packets are sent from the client, but nothing is received.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @jsokel!

Could you send me tech support files from AP and SM where you have this issue to akh300@cambiumnetworks.com? I want to reproduce your issue in the lab with the same configuration.

Files sent.

Not sure if you are familiar with MikroTik devices, but those are what I am using for testing and most of my clients.

Thank you!

I’m familiar with Mikrotiks! We can even turn them into Cambium!))
Actually it is the most popular hardware in WISP’s world. So we have them in our lab for customer scenarios testing.

Any update on this? Should I make a formal support request instead? I would really like to get this fixed and deployed.

Sorry for long silence! I’ve checked it long time ago but drown where to replay for request. I’ve checked it in the lab and Ubuntu hosts obtain IPv6 from Mikrotik DHCP

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