IPv6 over PPPoE

Does ePMP have support for IPv6 over PPPoE?


No, ePMP doesn't support IPv6 over PPPoE at this time.



Any plans to add it?


It is in the roadmap with IPv6 router/NAT, but we don't have a timeline for this feature  to be implemented.


Okay, thanks, as long as it's on the roadmap that's good enough. I'm just starting to implement IPv6 on our network, and if that was something that won't be supported in the future, I need to look at other ways of getting IPv6 to our customers, but as long as it's on the roadmap I can just wait for it.


Alguma novidade sobre IPv6 na CPE cliente com PPPoE ?

É um recurso muito umportante que outros fabricantes já estão preparados!



Anything new about IPv6 in CPE client with PPPoE?

It is a very important feature that other manufacturers are already prepared!

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We need IPv6 support on CPE client with PPPoE too.

IPv4 is getting harder to get every day, really need that IPv6 support you guys.

I have this problem too

I have this problem too

Alot of ISPs is asking about it, any idea of ETA or roadmap?

Hi, no solution for ipv6 yet?

First I get why IPv6 over PPPoE is wanted, I pestered (along with others) Cambium to get PPPoE working initially. But IPv6 is very different by design, it is a routed network design and does not lend itself to L2 bridging tactics. Not to say it can not be done, just not the intended design.
Good news! You already run PPPoE which means you should have RADIUS setup to push VSAs to radios on login (unless you just use it for simple network control), this means you can readily do EAP-TTLS authentication with RADIUS VSAs and can push all your IPv6 config to the radio and add routes to your network dynamically. Plus you can redirect non-paying subscribers in real time, block non-authorized radios and provide a default config to any radio without a specific configuration to force new hook-ups to verify their subscription/signup for service without your installers being involved past physical install!
You still control the SM and QoS is still honored but now you are not limited to what the AP has set for valid QoS MIR profiles.

As an operator whom has moved from PPPoE centric to IPoE based control, it just works and the bandwidth monitoring is name based not IP based so you never have to ensure a client gets the same IP again unless they need a static assignment (read paying for it)

Hi @AlexTrevisol,

IPv6 is still supported partially. But we continue to work on this! As for now we don’t have clear time to issue it cos this functionality is not highly demanded today.
Could you explain the scenario you are going to use it? It will be rally useful for us to understand.
Thank you!

idea is to deliver ipv6 to customers in pppoe double stack, i can’t understand why cambium thinks this is not important for isp since this topic has more than 2 years and the functionality has not yet been implemented, if everyone treats it this way the implementation of the future of ip networks that future will never come.

Hello guys

Incredibly, there is still no solution, the Cambium team informed me that, despite being aware, there is still no forecast for a solution.

A fully functional IPv6 stack is highly desired today!
Have you seen the wait time and costs for IPv4 addresses? It is getting insane!

The epmp line currently will bridge ipv6 but we need the full feature set to both properly use IPv6 in router mode and to be able to manage the device using IPv6.

It is time to prioritize IPv6 functionality even at the cost of new IPv4 functions.

Ipv6 over pppoe is not a normaly supported method as per IETF IPv6 design. IPv6 was designed with full routed networks and is intended to provide subnets not addresses.

I can see why Cambium and the developers for pppoeconf (the package that handles pppoe clients) have not implemented this non-standard function.

I do know there are some pppoe setups that do IPv6 but these are proprietary and not standards compliant.

So your no answer/unanswered question is actually been answered and this is not currently (and probably will never be) on the road map.

The extended IPv6 support is coming soon in 4.7.1 firmware.
It’s already implemented and is under testing now.

Thank you.