Is Cambium affected by the chip shortage?

The question is in the title. I understand a number of WISPs are struggling over at the competition, Prisms not expected until the end of the year, Powerbeams might be in the same camp.

Are any retailers or distributors having issues with sourcing Cambium? Any foreseen issues with Cambium due to chip shortage?

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we are a wisp in chile if the chip shortage is already denoted in chile with cambium. more in the pmp 450 range where we do not get equipment, followed by the epmp 2000 series


We put an AP order with our Cambium vendor in January and are still waiting for fulfillment. Cambium is definitely having issues with the shortage along with our other vendors.

Change distributor :wink:

Havent seen an issue with availability in the Canadian and the US distributors we use.

Check with another distributor, I have found that the distributors ordering cycles can lead to artificial shortages if there is any problems that occur. A good distributor will tell you what there stock level is and expected refill date is since when they order they are told that.

It doesnt hurt to check out another distributor and have backups in place.