Is EPMP 3000 ever coming out

There was talk about epmp 3000 about a year ago but now there is still no more information anywhere. All the competitors have been using 802.11ac for a while now and I was trying to wait for epmp 3000 to come out and stick with what we have. I was wanting to know if there was an expected release date or any information. We might have to switch to something else to keep up with demand if this is going to take a while to release.

We also tried a few epmp 300 ptp links and so far no impressed not even close to what you will get with a airfiber link or even a rocket ac. 


Will you be at WISPAPALOOZA?

Unfortunately no. 

Trying to talk uper managment into it but I don't think they are wanting to spend money on it. 

Stay tuned to the Community for information. 

Watching as well… at this point im kind of hopeing cambium would skip 802.11ac and slap an ax chipset in the 3000 to leapfrog competitors

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Distro’s are taking preorders now and product will be shipping by the end of November. Getting very close to putting that MU-MIMO goodness to work!!

Street pricing is $799 for the radio and $399 for the 4x4 antenna w/integrated radio mount.

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