Is GPS via the puck working?

I have heard from a couple different sources that GPS via the included puck is not to be used. The only reliable way of sync from AP’s is through a CMM. I just wanted to confirm if this was true or not so I know what to use/buy.


Hi, We’ve had reports of the on-board GPS chip locking up when the puck antenna is connected. We have since worked with the GPS chip vendor and have resolved the issue with an updated GPS chip firmware version. You can upgrade the GPS chip using Release 2.0 which is currently undergoing beta trials. You can download the Beta version @ and use the “Tools->Software Upgrade” menu to upgrade your GPS chip firmware.

ePMP software release 2.0 is now out. (Get it here: ) You can now upgrade the GPS chip firmware on your ePMP AP using the AP software load. (We embedded the GPS software within the AP software.)

I'm having the exact same problem right now.