Is it 7.2.9 again...?


I have two 10MBit BH’s on a distance of 21 kilometers (13 miles). RSSI is 1200 and everything works fine… until, suddenly, the RSSI begins to drop slowly and after 10-15 minutes the slave device fails to register with the master and I lose connection! After a few minutes or - in rare cases - few hours everything gets back to normal. RSSI is begining to rise, BH’s are registering…
This happens randomly! Sometimes it works flawlessly for 8-10 hours.
I am using the newest firmware (7.2.9) on both ends. The hardware platform is P9 on both devices… and YES, hardware scheduling is enabled!
I have tried to reboot them… to change frequencies… No luck!
Is it another issue with firmware 7.2.9? Should I donwgrade to one of the previous firmwares…?


Yes, I would try to downgrade to 7.1.4 (BH’s only) and see if there is a noticeable difference.