Is it interference???

I have an odd issue. I have ~500 5.7ghz Canopy customers and recently am having a problem w/3 customers. 2 customers are on 1 60deg 5.7AP running 5735mhz. The other one is on a 5.7ghz 360deg Cyclone AP running 5795. The 2 off the 60deg ap are located within 1.5miles of each other. The customer on the 360deg ap is located ~4miles away from the other 2. The Cyclone is located 6.5miles south of our 6AP cluster in the center of town. The cyclone customer is pointed straight south on a 27rdd dish. The customers on the 60deg AP are pointed SW on 27rdd dishes.

Now the issue is at approximately the same time these 3 units start to flutter then drop for long periods of time. It happens sometimes from ~2-6pm or ~6-9pm. Weather is clear. There links before the drops are very good. One is -70dbm w/link test of 100% 1x mode the other -65dbm w/link test of 94+% 2x mode. What happens is around those times their signal starts to drop until it reaches ~-81 to -84 then it drops and causes alot or reregs. I believed it might be frequency interference so I tried changing the freq on the 60deg AP to the other non-overlapping 5.7 channels that we are not using. I tried 5735,5755,5795,5815 and the links did not improve. I am talking about a 20dbm shift at both the AP side and the SM side, and a frequency shift of almost 100mhz makes no difference. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am linking to a spectrum analysis from the SM side of one of my previously mentioned customers.

Spectrum in the morining:

Spectrum when having issues:

are you using the plastic 27RD moto reflector or a metal dish? we had a problem with our metal one getting wet and acting weird, not this bad but we did notice some RF trouble and weaker spec readings… kind of a shot in the dark but worth a look.

Its not interference, you’d have a nice big spike not a loss of power, your drop looks even on all freqs so its got something to do with your radios, try swapping out 1 sm too and see if that helps and take someone water up and get everything wet and see if that shows a diffrence.

our PTP 600s HATE being wet :frowning: