Is it necessary to ground the STP cable on the AP side?

Is it necessary to ground the STP cable on the AP side? A 300SS surge supressor is used.

As far as I know, every outdoor connection you do should be extremely secured by grounding.

May I ground the UTP shield directly to the tower (it’s a metal construction) or it’s required to lay an additional grounding wire to the top?

In my case, the grounding is made connecting the ground cable to the metal structure of the tower. I will consult details about this and will tell you as soon as i have them

As long as you use the propper connectors (shielded RJ45’s) on the data cabling & GPS cabling(shielded RJ12’s), the Canopy module’s sockets are shielded…thus your grounding point is taken care of for you in the Transtector Lightning Surge Arrestor unit (that is usually between the CMM/CMMmicro & the AP’s).

I can’t imagine why you would open the jacket of the cable and encourage water intrusion by connecting the shield near the AP to the tower. :?

I didn’t know about shielded RJ-45 connectors.
Thank you.

From my understand, to be UP TO CODE in Ontario you are required to ground the cable BEFORE it enters a structure. Now if your cable are not entering a structure (HUT, office, house) then there is probably no need to ground the cable it’s self…the Surge should suffice.

If I am wrong about this can someone please let me know.