Is it possible to have a 4+0 XPIC @ 80MHZ link with SD configuration?

I am not getting  the desired availability on two paths which configuration should be 4+0 XPIC @ 80MHz to get 2Gbps capacity. LinkPlanner does not offer bigger antennas than 8ft nor the Space Diversity option for this configuration:

So my quesitons/requests are: 

1.0.- Can I have the filtering losses to model the links with bigger antennas than 8ft in PathLoss?

2.0.- Is SD possible for 4+0 XPIC (CCDP) configuration? If so, 

3.0.- Can you please send me the filter/branching losses to model the link in PathLoss? If you have the losses already in a RSD file or Pathloss file that would be great help.

Thank you!

I am out sick with the flu, but I'll put you in contact with the product manager.

1. The filtering losses are in the PTP 820C Assured Installation Guide. The installation you want is the 4+0 Dual Polarization, 2+2 HSB Dual Polarization Remote Mount, since the link has large antennas, it uses remote mount at both ends. (The OMT attaches to the antenna, two waveguide (V and H) attach to the splitter, and the splitter attaches to the radios. You'll have OMT loss, waveguide loss, and splitter loss. LINKPlanner shows the losses--plan the link with remote mount.)

2. 4+0 does not support SD. You could have SD with a 2+0 link--does that offer you enough throughput?

3. Normally I'd help you model the link in Pathloss, but I may have to get help since I'm out sick. Can you please send the LINKPlanner file to me? (I model the link in LINKPlanner, then export to Pathloss, compare results with small antennas, and then increase the antenna size.)

I hope this helps!