Is it possible to modify IPV4 settings via CLI?

I need to add a gateway to a radio and I don’t see any of the settings in the CLI.

All configuration changes are possible from cnMaestro or device GUI only.

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It would be nice if we could set the IPV4 address, subnet, and gateway via CLI so we can Zero touch deploy them.

  • Configuration is centrally managed by E2E controller. Before the unit is deployed, node/links are added at E2E. And all the configuration. When the unit connects to controller, the configuration get pushed. So, all the config items are zero touch. There are couple of exceptions - wsec and relay port.

  • cnMaestro X APIs can be used to manage configuration (instead of GUI)

  • Since configuration and statistics are available at E2E, opening individual node GUI is typically not required. In this context, you may not need IPv4 settings.

Do these points help ?