Is it possible to push configuration without having WLAN disappear for a moment


we have 5 AP's ( E410) with CNMaestro as a on premesis working as a controller. Within our infrastructure, we have frequent use of adding MAC address to authenticate with our Network. The process works perfectly fine with TPLINK AP's but in Cambium, as soon as i enter a mac address and save the configuration in CNMaestro, it gives me a notification saying"This action will immediately push configuration to 5 AP(s) which have automatic synchronization enabled. This could take a few minutes and may lead to client disconnections" .

As soon as the configuration is pushed to WLAN, all the client that were previously connected complains about disconnectivity. 

Is there any solution to overcome this issue? i mean adding a simple mac address will disconnect all the 70 clients is not a good option.

Hoping a positive /quick response.




To avoid intermittent client disconnection due to configuration update, it is advisible to use "Association ACL" feature for MAC-Authentication. THis feature works only when cnPilot devices are on-boarded to cnMaestro. For more details, please navigate through Userguide available at below URL:

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Hi Shahshank,

I was able to configure the Association ACL from the User Guide. Thank you for the support. Meantime, i sent you an email regarding some question and i'll be grateful if you could please answer them.

Thanks again.

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100 Kudos to you Shashank for the support via email and on call. You are a champ!!!



I am using Association ACL in cnMaestro too, to allow only certain MAC Address

I want to know your steps before using Association ACL.

I mean the one that you said, you add MAC ACL in cnMaestro and causing AP in AP Group disconnected.

I want to proof myself


no you interpret it wrong @nbctcp. i meant was that i was adding users in Access control --> MAC Authentication under WLAN configuration and as soon as i hit save, it push the configurations to all the access points making the WLAN disappear for a min or so. 

As soon as i used Accociation ACL, the problem was gone because all the access points are contacting the controller for MAC authentication instead of doing it themselves.