Is it possible to run 2 BHS off of 1 BHM?

We have a 10Mbps 5.7 BHM pointed at 10Mbps 5.7BHS 25 miles away with a very solid link of 60Dbm and a Jittter of 1. We are interested in putting another BHS in between them at about 12 miles. It is very close to the exact line of sight as the 25 mile link. Just wondering if it is possible for 1 BHM to register 2 BHS and still work properly? Also, if it will work are there any settings that need to be changed on the BH’s to make it work properly?
How will this situation effect bandwidth?

You’re out of luck: the BHs only function as a pair. You can get the job done with an AP and two SMs, but aggregate bandwidth will be reduced a bit, and that reduced bandwidth will be shared between the two SMs.