Is it possible to use 5.7 Ghz Backhaul with external Antenna

I am newbie in canopy.

Is it possible to use 5.7 Ghz Backhaul(5700BH) with external Antenna instead of a reflector?

No, this is not possible.

What about our good friends at Last Mile Gear?

You are correct…solutions are available from one of our 3rd party solutions providers.

I have to trash Moto on this issue cause they DO Manufacture Connectorized AP’s,SM.s and BH’s on the 5.7 ghz Range, they just offered them to overseas market… why they dont offer them on the US …beats me …


Moto is in the business of making money. They are not going to hold back product unless they are forced to.

They probably need to get FCC approval - if you want to bash someone, bash them.