Is the ePMP Force 300-25 Dish Steel?

Is the ePMP Force 300-25 dish made of steel? Are the mounting brackets made of steel too?

I'm looking at ePMP deployment methods / options for coastal areas. I know the ePMP Force 300-16 is ideal for such installations. Hopefully the 300-13 and 300-19 also have no exterior steel components.

Thank you, Chris

I don't have one directly in front of me at the moment, but the dish is essentially the same as the force 200.  The hardware is also galvanized steel. 

I feel your pain on the coastal deployments.  We have customers ~500' from the water and nothing lasts long in that environment.  Even with something like the force 300-16 or nanobeam we always backup the hose clamp with a zip tie or two.

@Jacob Turner wrote:

...The hardware is also galvanized steel. 

The hardware is actually dip-spin coated on the previous Force 200 units. That is not as good as galvanized hardware (hot dip), but it is better than plated hardware. I expect the dip-spin coating to break down rapidly in coastal deployments.

I've been pleased with high-quality all stainless hose clamps, even 500' from ocean. The only ones we've had actually fail were over-torqued.

I'd like to see the hardware on the Force 300-19 mounts, and I'm hoping the PTP550 will be a new form factor for the ePMP line as well.

What about the new F300-19r? It's IP67 certified.

@Eric Ozrelic wrote:

What about the new F300-19r? It's IP67 certified.

I don't actually need IP67, I just need the mounting hardware and dish not to disappear.

Is the mounting hardware on the F300-19R stainless, or also spin-dipped?

I'm really asking about higher gain than the 19 anyhow.

Hello @uberdome

Did you finally end up trying out the f300-25 in that environment?

@mlicska, I did not. If things go smoothly, we’ll be installing 450b radios there (which seem to have the same dish and finish as the F200-25) soon. I haven’t decided if we will actually use the F300-25 or not, though.

Thanks, anyway good luck with them!