Is there a keyboard shortcut for "New Subscriber Site" ?

I am planning out an extremely dense tower with over 1k subs. I have come to the realization that this would be much faster if I had a keyboard shortcut for "New Subscriber Site" instead of taking my mouse off the map.

It sounds trivial, but this area literally has each house touching each other. Every second adds up when there are thousands :) 

Anybody aware of a keyboard shortcut like ctrl+s or something for adding a new subscriber site?

Hi Joe,

There isn't unfortunately. Is this something that you would like in the online map?

If you have the coordinates then it would be quicker to import them from a CSV file.



I would love to see that in the online map. 

I can get coordinates from them all on google earth, but I would have to manually grab them all anyways. Is there a faster way to plot out a PTMP network with thousands of subs?

Do you have coordinates or addresses for you subscriber sites?

If it is coordinates then you can import them using the existing functionality - see:

If it is a list of addresses then you can find free geocoding services online which will convert your addresses to coordinates, which can then be imported. They often have limits on the number of addresses that can be processed, but someone may be able to recommend a service.

It should be possible to add the shortcut to the online map. I'll raise it as a feature request and let you know when it is available.

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Hi Joe,

We have pushed out an update to the map. You now have the following keyboard shortcuts (all lowercase):

s - create a subscriber site

n - create a network site

l - (lowercase L) create a PTP link

f - fit the map to the contents

and as before:

Escape - cancel the current mode and return to "select" mode

Up/down arrow keys - cycle through AP selection when multiple APs are below the cursor selection point

There is no CTRL or ALT modifier to these shortcuts because CTRL-S and CTRL-N are already used by the main LINKPlanner UI and ALT causes the main menu shortcuts to become active.

This map update does not display the "Click on the map to select the position for the site." or "Click on two sites to create a new link" messages when "n", "s" or "l" are pressed. These messages will continue to appear when the buttons are used and they will appear with the shortcuts in the next release. The messages required a change to the base LINKPlanner code so they cannot be released remotely.

This update also fixes another issue with the new online map. In the previous version it was possible to create a site outside of the -180 to +180 longitude range. It also used to allow you to scroll outside of this range, which then meant that the sites were not displayed. This latest change also fixes these issues.

You may need to toggle the online map view off and on to see the update.



Thank you so much!!! I love that you guys take feedback and apply it where possible. This is awesome!