Is there a Protocol Filter to stop newsgroup file sharing?

A customer on one of our 2.4GHz APs is uploading extremely high amounts of data when using a program called News Leecher and I’m wondering if there’s a way to stop the traffic from even getting as far as the AP. There’s so much data being sent that the AP cannot handle it and all the other customers are unable to surf while the news leecher software is running. The thing I find very strange is the data still hits the AP even if his modem is set to 0kbs up and down. Is there a protocol filter or some other setting in the 11x software version to help with this issue? If more info is needed I can get it I just thought I’d ask here first because there has to be someone else who has had this issue before.

Thanks in advance,

Usenet typically goes over TCP port 119. If you truly have someone saturating uplink for the sector (rather than downlink) and your decision is to cut off their news leecher completely, you can try entering a user-defined port in protocol filtering on the SM to block TCP port 119.

It’s of course on you whether this (customer’s use or your response) is within your TOS.

It seems more likely to saturate downlink than uplink, unless this person is posting large binaries to usenet. (seems the most common use of news leecher is to download large bins, like ripped DVDs and what-not) If that’s the scenario, then you’d have to look into some QoS at the core router or wherever you are able to tag and limit traffic entering your network.


Thank you for the reply. Blocking 119 on the SM is exactly what I ended up doing.