Is there a PTP 450 link budget tool available?


I'm about to start planning a private network using a combination of PMP 450 and PTP 450 links.  Whilst there is a comprehensive tool for the PMP 450, is there a link budget tool that i can use for the PTP 450?


Hi Eddie,

We do have a capacity planning tool which should help in your planning.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts.  A link to the download is below:

Thanks, but the capacity planner is more for PMP 450.  I was more interested if there was a link budget tool specifically for the new PTP 450 that allows me to include CLIP, Reflector or external antenna options at both the Master and Slave ends.

Because the Capacity Planner that TomD referenced allows you to use 3rd Party antennas on both ends of the link then you can specify the gain of the "CLIP, Reflector, or external antenna option" that you want to use.

So for Reflectors on both ends of the link set the "AP antenna system" to "3rd party antenna" and enter 23dBi for the antenna gain. Use a cable loss of 0dB.

Do the same thing for the slave end by specifying a Connectorized SM with a 23dBi antenna and 0dB of cable loss.

Finally, (especially for 5.8) you might have to select "Region" as "Others" to keep the AP from limiting its EIRP to 36dBm.

I hope this helps.

OK.  Thanks.  This helps!

Just to confirm - why 23 dBi gain?  Is that how much gain the reflector adds?

Yes, I was using 23dBi as the gain for the reflector.

I just pulled up the Reflector Dish spec sheet though and it shows 25dBi for 5GHz and 21dBi for 3GHz.