Is there a restriction on PMP450b High Gain Radios?

Hi, normally we buy all our radios with no restrictions but recently purchased new 450b High Gain Radios - same product number as always - but have now noticed that it has a Sustained Downlink Data Rate and Upload rate of 2000kbps?

This has always been 310000kbps on these units?

Is this a new thing or has someone shipped us the wrong product? Is there licencing for the 450b high gain I’m not aware of?


Here is a screenshot of the issue regards the high gain subscriber unit. Normally the sustained rate is 310000kbps - not 4000kbps.

Looks like for some reason this particular 450b does not have a Feature Key installed. You’ll need to submit a support ticket and they can get it rekeyed for you. Could be a software bug, could be a shipping or factory issue, not sure. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Awesome - already fixed from Cambium Techs - always great to deal with Cambium and the support is great!