Is there an easier way to nat a router


We are a WISP, our client’s use TP-Link routers that we supply them with.

My problem is, that I can’t access the router when the Cambium is the gateway.

My Network Mode is set to NAT -> DHCP.

Hello Kyle,

can you share a topology of what you have actually?

NAT can be done on the tower router when access points are connected. This way, you can reach the client router with a private IP address. In this setup, you have 1 public IP address facing the internet port.

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Niragira Olympe

If your cambium radio is set to nat then you shouldnt be able to talk to the wifi router. There is two things stopping you, 1) no route to host and 2) your local IP is wrong.
What you can do to get around this is either route instead of nat the radio or use DMZ on the radio and set the wifi router to allow management connections from wan.

If you are trying to do a managed router service then I suggest you use a router designed for this that has the TR-069 protocol or something similar.