Is this link totally bad, or usable

This customer has about a 75/75 percent upling and downlink on the test his package is only 512/128 so its capable of it. I did not install this one, so I dont know what it originally looked like

Hes been complaining of “latency” and “drops” He is also a self proclaimed “Network Engineer”

First question is (I do not remember) has there ever been a “customer” account defaultly on the firmware? his radio had one one it, none of the others do, he is savvy enough to go to a forum and ask how to get into the radio, a default plug is a simple thing. I suspect he is always up to something, but never can confirm it. I deleted the customer acocunt to be safe.

Second, we poll to the router we provided, and rarely see a dropped poll or anything other than the normal transient fluctuation in latency. is there something at the radio that could let us poll his router, but drop his polls to our gateway?

Let me give some history on this customer, we all know what kind im talking about. He came to us a year and a half ago making demands, demands we did not choose to meet, he was actually told by the owner we did not want him as a customer and to seek service elsewhere, he said he would not require his demands. so we let him on the network. He calls us everytime their is an issue (which is acceptable, thats how we know sometimes) but he expects to be called back by a technician, not customer service, and he wants to talk about how he had to “fix” his last ISPs network. and how we dont know what we are doing and how he demands better service, though he only wants to pay for residential grade service, yet he wants business priority.

Software Version : CANOPY 8.2
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 060407 (DES, Sched, US/ETSIv1.3.1) P9
Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 370 (approximately 3.43 miles (18130 feet))
Session Count: 1, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 1
RSSI (Avg/Last): 834/845 Jitter (Avg/Last): 4/3 Power Level (Avg/Last): -76/-75
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (SM): 256 (kbit)
Uplink Burst Allocation (SM): 512 (kbit)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate (SM): 768 (kbit)
Downlink Burst Allocation (SM): 512 (kbit)
Low Priority Uplink CIR (SM): 0 (kbps) Low Priority Downlink CIR (SM): 0 (kbps)
Rate : VC 19 Rate 1X/1X


thatoneguysteve wrote:
Software Version : CANOPY 8.2

Which firmware are you running exactly?
I had many issues with any 8.2.x except from 8.2.7.

Agree with Jerry - these kind of customers are the ones you should gladly send to your competitors. You don’t need the headaches.

If it was me, after I fired him I’d get that radio up to 9.3. 8.x had a lot of issues.

Oh, and FWIW - we will not install if the link efficiency at 1x is less than 92% in either direction.

I agree With Jerry as well. If the client doesn’t like the service just tell him that you can have it removed if it’s not operaing properly for him.

Hire him maybe he can fix your network…

wifiguy wrote:

Oh, and FWIW - we will not install if the link efficiency at 1x is less than 92% in either direction.

Excellent Practice. We do the same.......well 90% not 92 but it helps prevent unhappy customers.