Is this right setup for snmp?

I want to make sure i have this right before i start configuring my system.

community string is the default: canopy
my server ip:
accessing subnet:
trap address:

It will work, but right is more of a value judgement. We’ll need more info about what you’re trying to achieve to speak to that.

from a network security standpoint it’s never a good idea to leave the community string as the default.

It’s basically the snmp “password” for the unit and if it has read/write access then things can get changed etc.

also be aware that the community string is sent in clear text over the network so you don’t want to set it to the same as any other password that you might be using in your environment.

i am going to change the community string eventually i just want to see it work correctly before i start changing all the default parameters.

I am picking up where a former employee (who went to canopy training) left off. We will be using the system for scada/telemtery of lift stations throughout the city.

I am not a networking person so if you need any more information to help me out i will need a list of questions.

I got this project because i have rf experience from the military. this is my first in-depth networking experience.

I greatly appreciate the replies

    Okay start with:

    What are you going to gather the data with?

    If you don’t have something in mind already, you can see this thread for some ideas.