is this timed

ours. distance 15 miles d/l 75/25 control slots 2

theirs.distance 20 miles d/l 75/25 control slots 1

this is all 900 moto gear we want to go to 2 control slots they don’t and there rf guy tells me this works.

no…not in sync. But there are other factors.

How close are THEY to YOU?

Controls slots are dependant on the number of clients that are on that particular ap.
2 control slots works for most cases, 1 will work as well as long as there aren’t alot of clients on the AP (15-25ish).

Everything needs to be match if they are with in 10miles of you.
distance / DL% / Control Slots

Now if you are on different polarities then you might be able to get away with different settings.

dog there are hundreds of ap’s all around us this is all part of the broad band for nova scoita project the problem is the two main players are at odds one wants to go to 2 and one doesn’t and i’m stuck literal right in the middle and yeah 10 miles is the farterest away many much closer than that.

Ya I feel your pain, we’re lucky enough here that most WISP will co-op fairly well with one another. No HUGE battles.

Your either gonna have to match them or they match you, or you compromise. The end result however is that you must be matched with all your settings. Do you happen to know how many clients they have on their AP’s (average)?

What I suggest is that you email them your concerns and suggestings. Having documentation fo this is key. If after 3 attempts they are willing to co-operate and work together to provide a higher level of service to your customers, take the issue to the Better Business Bureau or whatever you have in NS.

Documentation is key, and showing that you’ve made attempts to compromise is also very important.

i should also mention dog that one of the big players is the one who wants to go to 2 control slots but we also need to do this but the other player won’t go to 2 its gonna turn into a crap storm i think as the really big player is doing it regardless and i am going to have to go with the bigger one but in the end if the don’t both play nice our little company will suffer along with there customers.

Well, I think you’ll find that the one company that doesn’t want to play ball now will at some point. They’ll have to. Once their client base increases they’ll have to adjust their control slots so the AP’s can handle the increase in communicating SMs.

Just seems silly to me that they wouldn’t move to 2 control slots now and be done with it.

Why can’t we all just get along :slight_smile: