ISP Billing


I know that this topic has been covered previously, but I am looking for some fresh input. We are currently looking for a billing platform. Having read through previous postings, and after some hunting around, we seem to have narrowed our search down to Platypus and Rodopi.

I would be grateful if anyone provide any feedback regarding these two products, or anything else that maybe suitable.

Though not extensive, I have the following criteria that I am trying to meet:

Integration with Prizm
Ability to customize record fields (add / remove default fields) – and the ability to add some form of verification on bespoke fields.
Try to get the billing aspect alone up and running in a reasonable amount of time, out of the box.
Ability to run multiple bill cycles, as defined by us.
Offers other modules – crm, helpdesk / ticketing / inventory etc
Bill multiple services per invoice
Create parent / child accounts (where you can have many child accounts associated with one parent)
Online self service portal for customers to view billing, raise tickets etc
3rd Party integration – say with scheduling software, or network monitoring software.
Decent report generation, including the ability to search the default fields as well as the ones we may have added.

Any suggestions / input / thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



I have to wonder if anyone has considered CITRUSDB. Nice part is that it’s open source.

We are using

Very nice and useful software..