Issue changing device name on Cnmaestro

Hello, we want to change the device names of several radios in our network to make them more consistent. We would like to change the names of most of our APs. Is there a way to schedule an overnight name change? The devices we want to change the device names on are ePMP1000, ePMP2000, ePMP3000, F180, and F200

I tried to schedule a template to change it earlier this week and everything worked except for “systemConfigDeviceName”: “AP_NAME”, this was done on an F180 set up as an AP with two SM on it.

“device_props”: {
“snmpSystemName”: “AP_NAME”,
“sysLocation”: “AP_NAME”,
“systemConfigDeviceName”: “AP-NAME”,
“wirelessInterfaceSSID”: “AP-NAME”

I assume the device name cannot be changed with a template. Does anyone know why and if there is a way around this?

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